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Swoosh! is software for basketball statistics. It's an easy system for collecting and analyzing statistics during and after the game. No more sorting through stacks of paper or entering data into a spreadsheet after the game. Use Swoosh at your next game.

Swoosh's tempo free stats give you a more accurate way to compare a player's performance from game to game. Save time and get better stats.

Swoosh! can be helpful to many different types of people. Here are a few examples:

Coaches benefit from Swoosh by having quick and easy access to statistics during games to ensure that they have the information to give their team the best chance at success.
Players benefit from Swoosh by helping them recognize areas they need to improve upon to make sure they can help their team win.
Parents benefit from Swoosh by helping the team keep track of stats for the good of the team or just to keep an eye on their son or daughter. Swoosh can help you identify strengths and weaknesses in their game so you can help them improve their skills to reach the next level.
For Reporters, Swoosh can give your report the edge by ensuring you have the most accurate stats available before your deadline. Swoosh also allows you to live broadcast these stats to your website. Swoosh allows you to embed the statistics into your website.

Game Time. Data entry is easy during the fast pace of a basketball game. Whether you are using Swoosh! yourself, a manager, or a parent is helping out, everyone will find stat entry easy. Team and player reports including shot charts are just a click away. Perfect both for a quick review at halftime or for detailed analysis after the game.

Save time, make better decisions. Swoosh! allows coaches at all levels to make game time and practice decisions based on data and not hunches. All the stats you need and nothing else to get in the way. Swoosh! allows you to work the way you do and only track what matters to you

Stat entry during the game is so easy one person can do it all on a single laptop. You can enter all the basic stats for both teams, plus have a shot chart and playing time. Doing all this on paper would take 5-6 people and you'd still have to compile everything after the game.

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