Courtside Statistics - Easy!

Swoosh for the iPad is now available on the App Store!

You can collect all of the same great stats on your favorite tablet. Download the app on your iPad, enter your team info, create a game, and collect stats all during the game from the iPad.

Then after the game, email yourself a .GAME file and use Swoosh! on your desktop or laptop PC to analyze stats, print reports, and create seasons.

All of your favorite stats, including the new tempo free stat reports, can be created from .GAME files created on the iPad.

We'll be adding more stat reporting built into the iPad app in future versions. We'd love to hear what reports you want us to add first.

If you'd like to be beta tester for the next version of Swoosh! for iPad, click here to signup.

There is also a version of Swoosh! for Windows Mobile.

If you'd like to run Swoosh on another device or platform, send us an email and let us know.

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