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Tempo free stats are going to change how you view statistics... Every coach knows that the pace of the game effects their teams statistics. With only traditional stats the effect can't be known. Tempo free stats remove the pace of the game and give you a more true representation of a player's impact on the game and how your team preforms from game to game.

A simple example for rebounds. Is it more important to know how many rebounds your team had in a game or what percentage of the rebounds they got that were available to them? If your opponent didn't attempt many shots because they were stalling or your team had a lot of steals, then there weren't many opportunities for your players to get rebounds.

Or for an individual player, wouldn't you like to know what percentage of rebounds they got while they were actually in the game?

Tempo Free Stats...

eFG% (Effective Field Goal Percentage) This stat gives more weight in shooting percentage to 3 point field goals. This allows a fair comparision of a player's impact on the scoreboard regardless of if they shoot everything from the inside or take a lot of long range shots. A player can shoot 33% from beyond the arc and have just as much of an impact on the scoreboard as a player that shoots 50% from inside.

TS% (True Shooting Percentage) This stat combines a player's field goal and free throw shooting percentages to give a more accurate reflection of their ability to get the ball in the rim.

Tempo free stats

A100, B100, S100, & TO100 Assists, blocks, steals, and turnovers all averaged out to what the player would do over 100 possessions. Easily compare players that player a different number of possesions.

DRB%, ORB%, & TRB% Defensive, offensive, and total rebounding percentage. The percentage of available rebounds for each type that the player was able to get while they were on the court.

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